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Our Most Popular Custom Exhaust Systems.

BACK BOX DELETE A back box delete consists of removing the rear silencer. This modification is done to increase exhaust flow and noise resulting in a louder exhaust note and improved performance.


A custom cat back system is a popular choice for those who want a balance between noticeable gain and sound enhancement whilst keeping the catalytic converters in place. A custom cat back can be a complete straight through system with no boxes at all or it can include having a resonators and or a rear silence depending what your end goal is.


A "valved cat back" exhaust system is similar to a standard cat back system but includes valves that can open or close to control the flow of exhaust gases. These valves are controlled by a remote control. The ability to open or close the valves allows the driver to adjust the exhaust sound and performance characteristics of the vehicle, providing a quieter or more aggressive exhaust note as desired.

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