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Something slightly different to our 'normal'

We had the pleasure of building a full custom system on this Harley Davidson Sportster S, enhancing performance, sound, and aesthetics. It increases the horsepower and torque by optimizing exhaust flow, produce a deeper and more aggressive exhaust note, and offer a unique, personalized look that reflects the rider's style.

Key facts about the Harley Davidson Sportster S:

Engine Type: The Sportster S is powered by a 1250cc Revolution Max 1250T liquid-cooled V-Twin engine.

Power Output: This engine delivers around 121 horsepower and 94 ft-lbs of torque, providing robust performance.

Styling: The Sportster S has a distinctive, aggressive design with a low stance, fat tires, and a high-mount exhaust. It combines modern elements with classic Harley-Davidson styling cues.

Riding Modes: The Sportster S offers multiple riding modes, including Sport, Road, and Rain, which adjust the bike's performance to suit different riding conditions and preferences.

Suspension: It features high-performance suspension components, including a fully adjustable front and rear suspension, providing a comfortable and controlled ride.

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